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Character(s) Phalmil- SL 115, Faith- SL 22, Putnam- SL 60
Game Plan Co-op, trophies
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Phalmil- was a co-op with my friend until PSN crashed he couldn't log on that PSN anymore for some reason, it was abandoned, I'll play with it if anyone asks
Faith- Made for Unique Weapons and rouge trophy, it is a single-player file willing to go multiplayer but I will not help anyone
Putnam- Was a miracle file co-op with friend until PSN crashed (same thing with Phalmil) but I just want to get the Miracle trophy, I got a Pure Darkmoonstone thats needs to be duplicated

I believe in help for help (You help me, I die and help you, you die, you help me, etc.)
I need the Lightmoonstone and Bladestone trophies, anything else I can get on my own (spells, rings, oldkingdoran, etc.)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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