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Character(s) Dose: Level 47(As of Oct 7th 2011), orange haired, blue eyed, Barbarian!
Game Plan Stomp Arse Ruthlessly...Yours, theirs, whatever. Oh and roll a bit. Oh, yeah and ,uh, fun...yep, having fun's always good.
Language(s) English…a little French (petit peut).
Character History (optional)

I'm a Barbarian with a little magic no miracles…yet! When fighting me enemies will likely experience severe Blunt force Trauma, ample Poisoning and precise Organ Piercing courtesy of my longe range Arrow attacks with a pinch of Dodging just to even things out…set ablaze using magick and presto, you're Done! Enjoy!

Pros: I have good aim and a good sense of my stamina…well more so than some others!

Cons: I get spooked by black phantom invasions (not to say I lose, they just bug me sometimes,Geez, can't a man be bugged by somethin' jesus *huff**puff*) and I compulsively play the same 4 sections over and over and over an…well you get the pict…over and over, OK THEY GET IT ALREADY!
P.S. I usually play between 11am and 11pm with stints going as late as 7-8 am but whatever these are just rough approximations I'll get there when I get there ALRIGHT, GEEZ!!

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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