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Character(s) Nick Drake lvl. 92 Royalty
Game Plan Its a balanced warrior mage type of build to enjoy most of the game's features, gameplay and light story.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Its my first playthrough and I took it slow, now at 156 hours of play. I didn't grind almost at all and found almost all the cool items.
I'm not much into invading, tried it a couple of times but my net was on wireless and it didn't work and I kept getting silently disconected from the general online mode so switched to cable mode. Damn that invading anoyance though, it premanently disrupted my game cycle two times already, once I got invaded the first time I entered 1-3 and the Ostrava event didn't appear then and afterwords on further re-entries so I lost my chance at getting the mausoleum key. The second time was in 4-2 when I accidentaly hit Patches while I was fighting some invader and he turned permanently hostile on me, so no more heavy arrows :(
So I kinda lost the taste for invading and now I just help others from time to time as a blue phantom.
Well I'm almost done with this game's first cycle and maybe i'll do a second oneā€¦ see you guys and galls outhere.
Oh and I'm spear and shield fan, got a Moon winged spear +5, a Mercury short spear +4 and the Magic sword "Makoto" +5 but i'm still training/practicing with it, for the shield side I have a Spiked shield +10 and a Dark steel shield +2 (but i'm thinking on going for a Dark Purple Flame shield + 5).

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version US
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