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Character(s) Knight @ SL 376 (M) Knight SL 150 (F) Royalty SL 59 (M) Barbarian SL 91 (M)
Game Plan If any of these SL's are close to yours, add me. I do PvP, I am currently on NG++++, I know how to beat every boss, I never die on bosses, I'll help you with PvE, and I can trade you Spice, Healing Items, and I have some spare weapons, such as the Talisman Of Beasts. I also have everything in the game. My build is around Strength. I'm more of a fast, high HP strong fighter. I have decent magic as well. I am always willing to help.
Language(s) English, Spanish
Character History (optional)

When I first got this game, I was so hyped. I started as a Knight, and very pleased with my descision. I found this game somewhat easy, as it was not too difficult, but I messed up with NPCs. After plenty of experience, I got the hang of it, and enjoyed my several playthroughs. I have several extra characters simply because I'm trying to get White Soul Tendency for my char. I loved using my Royal, it was a good class for NG. I know shortcuts, boss tactics, and every map by heart. I'm a naturally good PvE player, but in PvP, I was defeated almost always because I had bad equipment. Now, I dominate in my PvP. I sometimes use a Luck/Str build with the blueblood sword, and can hit about 950's with a backstab. Or, I use dual DBS cursed, it all depends on how I want to play. I am ALWAYS curteous in PvP, I will bow before a fight. I do not troll with a scraping spear or acid cloud. I do not use hidden soul spell, graverobber ring, or theif ring.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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