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Character(s) Leo
Game Plan I help people, but in my current NG+ I plan on farming at least a SL of 150.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

I have played as all the starting classes, and I feel that the easiest and best starting class for any beginner, but as you get farther you figure out your beginner preferences. However, as it stands, I have made my thief more into a spell-knight or swordmage, however you look at it. I am currently ranked in the top world uniters as 11, as of a week or so ago(today is November 21, 2011) and my current SL is 94, as of today as well. if you need help, just send a friend request with an explanation of who you are, and then what you need help with. after I get all the PWWT items, I plan on keeping a PBWT so if you need help, make sure to have either PWWT or PBWT because those will be what I'm at in the next few weeks or so.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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