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Character(s) Jimera (level 220); Lucas (level 1); Carradine (level 1).
Game Plan New Game++++++. At this point I'm looking for someone to help me duplicate souls for Jimera using the online exploit because I don't wanna spend the next 6 months farming 'em >_>;; I have some nice items that other people may be looking for like pure bladestone and pure darkmoonstone, as well as some fully-upgraded weapons if people want trophy credit or to actually keep one. I'm always glad to trade or give away items I don't need. Stockpile Thomas is running out of room to store my stuff, so if I have anything someone needs, lemme know XD Also willing to jump in as a blue or friendly black phantom to help out.
Language(s) English; Japanese.
Character History (optional)
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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