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Character(s) US Version: Knight Level 712 EU Version: Magican Level 80+
Game Plan US Version: Got the Platinum Trophy and reached level 712. I am simply up for anything. Just add me and we can play! EU Version: Looking for Uniqe weapons. Add me if you have any uniqe weapons upgraded from souls.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

US: I ordered this game from the US because it didn't have a release in Norway(where I'm from). I found out that this game was challenging and difficult. However, I didn't give up. That was a very smart manoeuvre. I played all the way trough the game several times. Unfortunately I never intended to get the platinum trophy because I thought that would be impossible. So I played trough the game like seven times before realising that I have had alot of stones, items and weapons to achieve all the trophies. So I struggled to get the remaining items and upgrades I needed. After hours of playing I finally got everything except for one stone, the Pure Bladestone. I used around 20 hours killing Black Phantom Black Skeleton. With 99 luck and Pure Black World Tendency I still didn't get it. I was so pissed and annoyed for never getting that bloody stone I was just about to quit. Then, all of a sudden a guy said he would be willing to dupe the stone for me if I would be willing to reach level 712 with him. I used a long time to think if I really would cheat my way to 712. I came up with the conclusion that I had played the game for such a long time and had done every possible thing on the game that I had nothing to loose. And it would obviously be fun to check out how much ass I would kick as a 712. So I agreed. He gave me the stone, I got my Sharp Claws up to level 5 and got the last and final trophy I needed. And the Platinum! I was so happy. Having platinum in one of the hardest game of this generation of consoles. That is pretty sweet huh? Then I needed to hold my part of the bargain and help him to level 712 along with myself. I found out that it was very time-consuming to use the soulsucker spell on each other over and over again. Then, after like 2 hours of soulsucking, we both finally reached 712. I was so happy. 99 in all stats. Blublood Sword and meatcleaver would kick bad ass now. What I found out was that the game was almost just as hard as when I was 230. I also concluded that reaching 712 doesn't give you any specific benefits at all. No one wants to play online and you feel kinda alone. So I have just played with some few people who have arranged some 712 PVP battles. It was pretty fun, but we are both the same. We both use BBS and kill each other when the first guy hits the other. You don't need to have any skills to kill someone once you are 712. The only thing you need is luck. If you are the first to get a strike at the other player, he is simply dead. That's it. Like i said, NO BENEFITS!
My conclusion is to stay at a level around 100-150 if you wanna have most out of the game.

Well that must be everything I can remember while I'm writing this. I most likelly know everything you need to know about everything in this game. So if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me. I am allways willing to help someone in need of a little help.


Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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