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Character(s) hey guys,my favorite chars are on sl 75(Str build) and Hybrid(dex,magic)sl 100
Game Plan Helping other,duells, invading( trying to invade one host as 2 black xD worked twice now!!) I also like to start off some new char. and try out new,undiscoverd builds(new ideas r welcome)…or just helping new ones to find the path to the game.
Language(s) English,Polish,German, 1/2Dutch xD
Character History (optional)

Just write me if u want some fun or discover something new=) i would appreciate every nice idea!or if u just need advice, add me at skype or msn (kamilefou/ed.liamtoh|k-etnad#ed.liamtoh|k-etnad)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version US
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