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Character(s) Even though my page says Australia Eastern I in fact live in New Zealand, please take the timezone difference into consideration
Game Plan I own both EU (BANDAI) and NA (ATLUS) Demon's Souls. Message on PSN for quicker reply got plat hoping to help others. KEELASS IS OPEN FOR COOP/PVP/TRADING
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

•?((¯°·._.• ЌẸẸĹÃŜŜ •._.·°¯))؟•

I now own a NA (ATLUS) Version of Demon's Souls


Working on making a sl 125 platinium character


SL 125 has every item imaginable


Shard of Hardstone
Large Shard of Hardstone
Chunk of Hardstone
Pure Hardstone

Shard of Sharpstone
Large shard of Sharpstone
Chunk of Sharpstone
Pure Sharpstone

Shard of Clearstone
Chunk of Clearstone
Pure Clearstone

Shard of Greystone
Chunk of Greystone
Pure Greystone

Shard of Bladestone
Chunk of Bladestone
Pure Bladestone

Shard of Dragonstone
Chunk of Dragonstone
Pure Dragonstone

Shard of Suckerstone
Chunk of Suckerstone
Pure Suckerstone

Shard of Mercurystone
Chunk of Mercurystone
Pure Mercurystone

Shard of Marrowstone
Chunk of Marrowstone
Pure Marrowstone

Shard of Spiderstone
Chunk of Spiderstone
Pure Spiderstone

Shard of Moonlightstone
Chunk of Moonlightstone
Pure Moonlightstone

Shard of Darkmoonstone
Chunk of Darkmoonstone
Pure Darkmoonstone

Shard of Faintstone
Chunk of Faintstone
Pure Faintstone

Shard of Cloudstone
Chunk of Cloudstone
Pure Cloudstone

Shard of Meltstone


Ring of Great Strength
Ring of Herculean Strength
Regenerator' s Ring
Fragrant Ring
Eternal Warrior's Ring
Ring of Flame Resistance
Ring of Gash Resistance
Ring of Poison Resistance
Ring of Disease Resistance
Ring of Magical Sharpness
Ring of Magical Dullness
Ring of Magical Nature
Ring of Sinscere Prayer
Ring of Devout Prayer
Clever Rat's Ring
Dull Rat's Ring
Ronin's Ring
Master's Ring
Cling Ring
Friend's Ring
Foes Ring
Thief's Ring
Graverobber's Ring
Cat's Ring
Ring of the Accursed
Ring of Avarice

Trophy weapons:

Adjudicator's Shield
Baby's Nail
Dark Silver Shield
Epee Rapier
Geri's Stiletto
Hiltless (Gripless)
Hands of God
Dragonbone Smasher
Kris Blade
Large Brushwood Shield
Large Sword of Moonlight
Magic Sword "Makoto"
Penetrating Sword
Phosphorescent Pole
Rune Shield
Rune Straight Sword
Talisman of Beasts
Tower Shield
White Bow

Crafted weapons:

Blueblood Sword
Dozer Axe
Insanity Catalyst
Large Sword of Searching
Lava Bow
Meat Cleaver
Morion Blade
Needle of Eternal Agony
Northern Regalia
Scraping Spear

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Australia Eastern
Version US
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