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Character(s) Midna (Female royalty, SL256)
Game Plan Trying to get platinum. Assisting players.
Language(s) English, Dutch, French
Character History (optional)

Player from Belgium (GMT+1).

- R1: Crescent Falchion+5
- R2: Silver Catalyst
- L1: Dark Heater Shield+5
- L2: Talisman Of God

- Flame Toss
- Soul Ray
- Homing Soul Arrow
- Firestorm

- Evacuation
- Heal

- Silver Coronet
- Black Leather
- Silver Bracelets
- Black Boots

Needed for platinum:
- Weapons: Blind, Bramd, Istarelle, Phosphorescent Pole, Insanity Catalyst, Talisman of Beasts
- Rings needed: Friend's Ring, Foe's Ring
- Stones: Pure Bladestone

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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