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Character(s) Kharazidusk
Game Plan Just started a Level 6 Magician, my knight was unsatisfactory(yes, I did delete a level 81 I've poured over a day's worth of hours into), but currently trying to play through the first run-through.
Character History (optional)

Far away from Boletaria, stood a man who boogied 24/7. He had his iPod from the far distant future always on handy in his belt pouch, and he defeated his enemies with the power of music.
Alas, in the fabled kingdom(fabled being frightening-as-hell stories, and you know. The like.), Boletaria, his music could not work. At a ripe age not discerned, he had to learn to destroy his enemies with the power of magic, and a little bit of swordplay as well.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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