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Character(s) Lvl 104 - Knight
Game Plan I'm a completionist, trying to get the Platinum trophy. I just started my NG+, and I'm trying to get as many stone chunks as possible so that I can get the weapon trophies. Right now, I've actually got -way- too many shards of Sharpstone, Cloudstone, Dragonstone, Clearstone, and Greystone (can't fit any more in storage, and I'm basically out of Item Burden). I'd be more than happy to trade anyone some of these shards for chunks of of the same stones. A Mausoleum Key would also be great, because Ostrava died in my game, and I couldn't get to his body in time (I died). I'm also free to co-op if anyone would like? Please feel free to add me and message me on PSN. :)
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Pacific
Version US
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