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Character(s) DarkSweeti
Game Plan Newbuild
Language(s) English/Dutch
Character History (optional)

Starterclass Royalty ArcherMagebuild(level103): Vitality:50 inteligence:20 Endurance(**) Strength:22 so u can use a compound longbow, Dexterity stays at 12, Magic 50, Faith: 14, Luck unchanged. Keep in mind its an archer mage so white arrow or holy arrow is a must, spells you can choose whatever you wanna use, Flame shield upgraded to +10 for a better defence against incoming projectiles, compound longbow +10 or Lava Bow (Spider demon soul required( bow+7 or +6) the rings i use are either regenerator ring and ring of great strength or switch between Clever Rat's Ring. I Assure you this build destroys all bosses without any efford.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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