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Character(s) Malek, Knight, Soul Level 242, Male, NG+; Raven, Knight, Soul Level 305, NG+; Draken, Temple Knight, Soul Level 21, NG;
Game Plan I'm offering my services to anyone who need it, please message me on PSN for a quicker reply. Please note you MUST be in the EU region to play with me. I'm also up for PVP and Soul farming or just mucking around… Also I really, really want to get the Plat!!
Language(s) English and Google translate ;)
Character History (optional)

Raven: Weapon's: Left hand 1; Insanity Catalyst.. 2; Hiltless +5.. Right hand 1; Uchigatana +9.. 2; Talisman Of God.. - Armour: Gloom Set and Monk's Head Wrappings.. - Arrows: White Arrow.. - Rings: Cling Ring and Ring of Sincere Prayer.. - Expendable Items: Shard Of Arch Stone, All Healing Grasses, Blue Eye Stone, Red Eye Stone and Black Eye Stone//

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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