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Character(s) name Sir Lancelot-Soul Level 73 - class knight-
Game Plan Hi, i need help with the blue dragon and fake king allant and i want some friends that i can have fun with in demon's soul Add my psn id "Naturepig" feel free.
Character History (optional)

Sir Lancelot, a mighty knight from boletarian palace traveling from many worlds. He killed king doran took his armor and his weapon, later on he moved to shrine of storms and killed Vanguard. He got dozer axe, he was very happy then he got dark silver shield from garl vinland. He then moved to boletarian palace to face old fake allant, but then he got stuck by a blue dragon that was guarding a brigde to the king… he couldn't kill it, so now he need some fearsom warriors to kill it.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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