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Character(s) Knight SL 295+ Personal Build Priest SL 130+ Pure Strenght Build
Game Plan School started, and I don't have enough time to help all, so sorry, see you on Dark Souls!
Language(s) English, Italian, French
Character History (optional)

Got the Platinum!

Equipment I use:

Personal Build:
Double Moon Uchigatana+5
Talisman of Beasts
Dark Sliver Shield+5
Meat Cleaver

Pure Strenght Build:
Dragon Bone Smasher+5
Crushing Weapons
Adjucator Shield+5

Armor I use:

Gloom Armor

Spells I use:

Personal Build:
Homing Soul Arrow
Soul Ray
Poison Cloud
Death Cloud

Pure Strenght Build:
Curse Weapon

Miracles I use:

Personal Build:
Anti-magic Field
Wrath of God
Second Chance

Pure Strenght Build:
Second Chance

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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