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Character(s) Oren Manuel, Valchrist
Game Plan Completing the game amap, No pvp yet, but I will assist in farming, boss battles, and dungeon crawling. I only play DS seasonal, usually around Fall. Message me the time and place to meet. I'm sorta slow in communicating, but I make a dependable ally.
Language(s) English (primary), spanish
Character History (optional)

My main character is a male knight, soul level 83 and rising. I modeled his face to look like my own in RL for the sake of playing the story as my comic book character, Oren. I usually like to keep his starting class armor set as being devoted to my character's true persona in appearance and because it looks cool as it is, but I find it beneficial to wear protective gear parts from different sets rather than just one whole set. It sets the stats how I wanted and gives my character an original look.

Valchrist is my temple knight, soul level 18. I will not start on him until I at least beat the game with Oren at least once. More characters may come later.

I didn't play much because of how intimidatingly hard and confusing it was to play it, but the genre, story arch, and gameplay still intrigues me very much. So I continue playing it, being an artist myself, to draw inspiration on a new story for my character and possibly a new chapter for my comic book, Myth. I'm coming close to beating the game with only Tower of Latria to complete and the False King to defeat, but I won't be in-game until Fall. So if there's anyone that would need my assistance, please leave a message in my PSN inbox. I'm be glad to lend a hand. I'm easy-going guy and I'm quick to make friends so you are welcome to add me on your friends list.

For those of you who like to see my art, check it out on Deviantart and look up "omardumore". If you also like to request a sketch of your character in Demon's Souls, PM me on PSN.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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