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Character(s) Drake, Soilder Sl: 130
Game Plan Likes to work together, don't like to solo. Willing to trade anything, as long as I have it. If someone would give me the items for trophies, i would greatly appreciate it, i would give them back.
Language(s) English, some spanish
Character History (optional)

On NG++, running through with my friend, join us if u want, we use text chat to communicate so make sure to message me for an invite if yur planing on seriously playing with us, like i said, ill trade anything, dont really care if i get anything back, unless the item is really rare in which case ill look for some compensation. Looking for someone who knows a lot of the secrets so i can get all the wepeans, i have a lot already, just not all of them. Wepeons: Dragon Long Sword +1 Adjudacator's Sheild, Brushwood Armor Set, Other wepeons: 2 dragon smashers, ochinagatu +1, lots of others just can't remember them all =/

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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