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Character(s) Lvl 120 mage, lvl 69 PvP ;D, and 2 level 27's for helping new people out, one of which has sword of searching and 30 luck for farming stones for newbs xD loool
Game Plan I'm all Irish and friendly and I love the game so I'll help anyone out who's in need. I have alot of experience at the game and I pretty much have the entire wiki memorized in my head so if you need help I'm your man :D I also really enjoy giving new people a hand more than anything so dont ever be afriad to add me just cos you're new to the game :D I'm very friendly, I love making new friends, I'm totally easy going and I have a crazy sense of humor, but most importantly…I'm almost ALWAYS playing this game. :D Loool
Language(s) Irish and English.
Character History (optional)

Bah, not much to mention cept I love making the game even more challenging and on my current new character (lvl 21) I've defeated every boss except for False King Allant and I have tons of equipment and upgrade stones I can give away for free, the Only things I wont part with are my Winged spear +10, my Adjudicators Shield +4, Dragon knight sword +5,my Sticky compound longbow +5 and my Armor. I have like 5 Shortbows + 7, 2 Dragon Knights sword +2, a Dragon Haliberd +2, a Lava bow and loads of other stuff I can give you for free (dont ask, I farm for fun :P), so if any new people are stuck hit me up with a message, I can like blitz you through the game xD LOL

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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