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Character(s) Character - SL 160
Game Plan Going for the 200's PvP group, i always keep 99 of everything as a safety percaution
Language(s) English, learning Spanish
Character History (optional)

Chapter 1
As a Black Phantom hunter, he found that he was drawn towards the land of Boletaria, eager to earn all of his wonderful souls he ventured to this mysterious land unaware of the danges ahead. When he arrived there was a thick colorless fog around him, then he heard a voice, a soft mysterious voice, and he followed the voice and led him to depths of Boletaria. He slaughtered dreglings and soul starved solidiers until he came across a wall of fog, he entered it to reveal the makings of a powerful demon that slaughtered him in a single hit. He awoke to that soothing voice to find himself in some sort of chamber. The woman had called it a Nexus, and he was forever trapped in it.

Chapter 2
He never was able to find that one woman, she had disappeared into nothing. However, he did find that there was an uncomfortable feeling surrounding him. It felt like he was missing something that was always with him. It was his body, he was glowing with a black aura surrounding himself. Then he looked forward to see what appeared to be a man and an old geezer. He approached them slowly, in fear that they might try to mug him. Instead he received caring from the man, his name was Thomas, Stockpile Thomas, he agreed to look over any extra baggage he had on him. "You have a heart of Gold, don't let them take it form you", he always said. As for the old geezer, he was strict and demanded souls in exchange for supplies or work. He was a decent blacksmith and often spoke of a man named Ed. He thought he heard talking from behind the poll so he went over to find to people, a man and a woman. Both seemed well educated, but found no use of them. The man continued to damn himself and asked if he would be kind enough to kill himself, the traveler declined.
The woman spoke of a man named Saint Urbain and continually said "Umbasa". He wondered if they were both members of the church or desperate survivors in need of help.
He saw no one else, and decided to make due with what he had here, after all, he was already dead. He walked over to circular stare case with pictures of the lands leaders on it and sat down. He then heard someone talk, had he not noticed this person he thought. he then heard the voice again, and realized it was coming from his left. As he looked over he saw a bright blue light and realized that this must be another soul, a traveler seeking souls. He then realized that he was telling him about the picture behind him and called it an archstone. He asked him to repeat him self. He spoke of the archstone and their ability to warp someone to another node of the Nexus. He decided to try it and simply touched the archstone. A bright light flashed around him and he became dizzy. He left with the new name that was given to him by the blue solidier, he was called "Character".

To be continued…

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Pacific
Version US
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