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Character(s) Demon Souls: Hunter All-Build sl 326 Knight Tank sl 96 Wanderer no-build-yet sl 6 Dark Souls: Knight All-build sl 640 Pyromancer sl 87
Game Plan Wanting to find people who are willing to play through the game with just your beginning equipment, no magic, no miracles no upgrades, just you, your weapon, your armor and your items. I wonder how long it will last.. Also I trade items, weapons, rings, armor ect. If I dont have it give me some time I'll get it for you. If your new i'll start over fresh with you on a new profile, this goes for both Dark and Demon souls. I also do pretty much anything else.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

I also help out on Dark Souls, COD:BO and MW2 & MW3 back to back online or whatever the need may be, co-op on Lil big planet, storm castles on Fat princess, race on Wipeout HD, i still hit up Warhawk for good ol' massive destruction.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Pacific
Version US
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