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Character(s) Savanah Ashfire /112 (Barbarian warrior), Shadowblade /115 (Mage assassin), Aeric Landsavr /101(Moonlight paladin), Alahnna Ashfire / 130 (Maiden of Flame)
Game Plan love helping and Co-op. would love help with Aeric, having a hard time on NG+
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)

Savanah and her sister Alahnna went into the mists to find glory, but only Savanah came out. frantic to find her sister she tore through the demons, finding the legendary Dragon Bone Smasher. clothed in the bindings of a failed executioner, she searches for her younger sister through the realms.

Shadowblade is the oldest of 4 siblings, and is ruthless in his killings. He is recognizable by his family's trademark white hair, and he wields the famous "Blind" taken from the dead body of a female warrior.

Aeric Landsavr came through the mists searching for glory, and found the fabled Large Sword of Moonlight. Now he travels the land dispatching demons and trying to save the land. He has found a young maiden who practices fire magic and has taken her under his wing.

Alahnna Ashfire searches for her older sister, and with his help she just may find her. But fate was cruel to her. Aeric was lost to her and she struggled through the realms alone, even losing Biorr to the blue dragon. She has found the legendary Blue Blood Sword, and with her powerful fire spells has fought her way through more levels of demons, but her soul has gone black now, and she fears what her sister would think of her now…

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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