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Character(s) Hotsuma Takeda Soul Level:71
Game Plan All of my comrades, Yuria, Urbain, Biorr, and even lovable patches have fallen by my blade…and now Mephistopheles have joined their ranks in the afterlife……
Character History (optional)

I originally planned for Hotsuma, who is my first character by the way, to take the role as the hero but for some strange reason today Ive cracked after being cut down yet again by King Allant. Smothered in anger and self-pity, I walked the Nexus stairs to release some of the rage Ive accumulated. I look to my left and matched gaze with a beautiful woman in black. Her gold mask shone brightly under the candle light as she explained why I'm currently so "weak'. The destruction of those I saved, only then I will have the strength to destroy the king. So my dark pilgrimage begins, slaying all who Ive grown to love with lust as my guiding force. Yuria, she was the only one Ive hesitated to kill and after her death all of my humanity was lost. I return to my current "master" to reap the benefits of my works and not to my surprise Ive received the reward of a traitor. Mephistopheles raises her blade to finish me off however she underestimated the new-found strength that she incubated in me. My scimitar strikes true, piercing her chest in an instant. Her red eyes stare into mine for one last time. My hand caressed her face as I told her, "I will be joining you soon…." Now I continue to train, King Allant's demise will be my last act……..

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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