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Character(s) Teofilato the white knight
Game Plan Assisting fellow demon slayers
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Started out as a thief, fought bravely thru the demon world and gained much power. Found a suit of Armor in the dungeons of Latrina and thus became a knight . Teofilato, who with a ghastly spiked shield found while sacking the kingdom of Boleteria, strikes fear in a demon's black heart.

Acquired a custom forged Dragon Short Sword made from fossilized dragon bones recovered from deep under the earth. Found a bow made out of white wood, fit for a demi-god, on the dark island of the Shrine of Storms. Braved the stink of death and recovered a Blessed Mace from the valley of defilement. Found God, became a holy warrior.

Teofilato. Demon Slayer. White knight. Hero

I move fast for a knight in heavy armor, almost like a ninja knight. I harness the power of good and evil to aid demon slayers in the challenging and ambiguous demon world. I Wield the wrath of god, punishing demons in blazing fire with my Dragon sword, as well as god's smiling mercy with my blessed mace, to bash demons out of existence while being blessed with vitality.

As of writing this, I am at level 126

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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