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Character(s) Al-G - Temple Knight SL147 (Main) DemiDemon Royal SL 21 (New Female)
Game Plan On NG+++++++ (7th run through) trying to get all trophies, need ronin ring for Rogues trophy, and am missing 5 or 6 weapons. Will trade what i have for what you have, help out/ dupe/ whatever send me message!!
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Weapons needed : Master slasher (bladestone) / Master Bowman (Spiderstone) / Blood Master (Suckerstone) / Life Master (marrow stone) / Moonlight trophy (moonlightstone) / Darkmoon Trophy (Darkmoonstone)

I have the other weapons, willing to dupe/trade or whatever for any one of the above 1 for 1 type of thing. Ofcourse for the bladestone weapon all i need is an actual pure bladestone… Ronin ring (Scirvir) is the only ring I am missing, i will get it on my next and final playthrough but if anyone has it to dupe/trade i am willing to do that as well!! Only top notch things I have is my Kris Blade +5 and my Regenerators shield +2 next playthrough i am using all my colorless souls to upgrade the shield to +5 as well. (never knew how important the colorless souls were…) And i will help out for colorless demon souls and emphirial eye stones as well.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Mountain
Version US
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