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Character(s) Delano [220+ knight of squish]
Game Plan ok so i been afk from my ps3 for a while, heres the deal: i need to get pure blade, darkmoon grey and marrow stones (last two i'll probably get myself) so that i can duplicate them to everyone capable of trading with me so that i will always have an abundance of them to hand out and/or use myself :D i have the pure stones of every other type and will be looking for a duping partner around my level, preferably lower so they can dupe it down to the more common levels :D so yeah, if u need any stones i havent mentioned above, feel free to ask :D (i only dont have pure of the above 4, i have chunks/shards for them tho) so yeah i have weapons/shieldsnthings i would also dupe out :D so ask and ye shall receive!#@ (so long as i can summon u or vice versa) :3 TY FOR READING THE SPEEK OF MEE!~
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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