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Character(s) Kamon Rilian SL 132, Asteria SL 40
Game Plan I want this to be my 1st Platinum game and to achieve max SL with out duping.
Language(s) English, Spanish
Character History (optional)

I've had as much as 20+ characters created but couldnt get them just right. The two I have listed are my main ones. Kamon is pretty much a spellsword but to my own liking, wears heavy armor IE Brushwood Armor but can roll like a maniac. While I have all the Buff Spells an AoE Spells I waant but Firestorm. (Didnt know bout the witch till I joined the site.) An Asteria is my BBS Build to see the potiental of the sword an how Godly it can be.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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