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Character(s) harabanaR(77+ BBS) Gluttire(55+ FS mage) Mastema(19+ lvling for ToB build)
Game Plan I am a friendly nor hostile guy which goes both ways. I have different tactics, depending on the situation. I am available for both Co-op and PvP. Though, I just started out pvping(got a stable internet connection), I have my moments.
Language(s) Norwegian, English
Character History (optional)

I was invading with Gluttire(Gluttony) in 4-2 when I come over this MC heavy armored guy. I quickly analyzed: Heavy armor and running slow= He can't roll, Big weapon= His attacks are slow and I also noticed that he had an non-magic resistant armor(which is just great for my FS). So, I ran and find him, kiting him into a perfect area to incinerate him; sadly he just got hit by one of the pillars. Still alive, I noticed he started rushing me more and more. So I used my remaining mana for another FS, missing again. He rushed me and hit me with his insanely huge MC, I barely survived, so I ran to a safe spot having my private Black Dual Katana Skeleton lifeguard. As the Cleaver guy seemed to rush me more after I missed with both my FS's I decided to simply melee him. I wasted my last mana into Soul rays which missed. He rushed me, and I simply rolled as he was about to hit, placing me behind him, I backstabbed him. Still not dead, I kept up with my R2. Then he died. I loled so hard and bowed before his dead corpse, or should I say soul.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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