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Character(s) 206 Male Thief and 76 Female Royalty
Game Plan Co-op, help newer players, weapon/item holding, soulsucker glitch. PM here or on PSN before you add me, please.
Language(s) English, German
Character History (optional)

Updated: 3/7/2011 @ 16:45

PLEASE READ: You MUST be within soul range of 53-93 to play with me using my SL 76 Royalty Class. You MUST be within soul range of 178-236 to play with me using my SL 206 Thief Class. All of the trophy weapons(gold) and all rings(except Friends Ring) are with my SL 206 class. My Thief Class(SL 206) is over-flowing with weapons but I only have 1 of each of the Demon Weapons(Large Sword of Searching, Meat Cleaver, Insanity Catalyst, etc). However, I do have the Friends Ring with my SL 76 Royalty class and I require no weapons for this character, except a +5 Fatal, of course. NA version only!

I suck at duping; I keep losing items and such. Only weapon&item holding/exchanging please.

Things I need from YOU-using my SL 206: Shards and Chunks of Marrowstone. Or, if you can't part with these, maybe I could just hold your upgraded(+5) weapon. Trust me, you'll get it back as soon as the trophy pops. Thanks!

Most important of all: my SL 206 character is in NG+++++++, so try not to get yourselves killed in my world ;)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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