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Character(s) Travis- (yes thats my name lol)
Game Plan To get the platnum trophy in demon souls before the servers close in march im currently at 48% im currently lvl 115 and im on my 3rd runthrough and if you want to see the trophys that i need, check my character history from my profile or send me a msg. i will take all help i can get but i refuse to glitch or dup stuff i want to get the plat legitly (if thats a word).
Language(s) english
Character History (optional)

i need all rings/weapons/miricals/spells. i did beat the game and got the 40% of the trophy stuff done and i also have one of every demon soul, i also killed old king doran and the blue eyed dragon. i maxed out faintstone, firestone, clearstone, sharpstone and hardstone. i would do more but for some reason ed will not give me the option to upgrade cloudstone to sheilds and spiderstone to bows. suckerstone and bladestone dosent work either. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Mountain
Version US
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