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Character(s) temple knight sl 30-40, soldier sl 30-40, royalty sl 60-70
Game Plan I delete all my old character and start other. It's strange to have low life 0.0
Language(s) French, English
Character History (optional)

Temple knight, Raphael Winter, is a miracle user. Always have second chance. Weapons: large sword of moonlight and talisman of god. Other hand: white bow and dark silver shield. Dark silver armor set.

Royalty, Vain Plague, is cloud user. Poison cloud, acid cloud and death cloud are the his primary spells. He know fireball, firespray, flametoss, soul ray, soul arrow. Weapon: insanity catalyst and crescent shotel. Other hand: buckler and kris blade. Shaman armor set with a thief mask.

Soldier, Amalia Bloodlust, is a full strenght character. No magic and no miracle. Weapons: Dozer axe and quality guillotine. Other hand: Dark silver shield and compound long bow. Binded armor set.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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