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Character(s) various levels, mostly dex based. i'm a noob at this game so i wanna try out some stuff first. played dark souls to death though, so i am not THAT bad. but still very bad :D
Game Plan learn the basics of the game
Language(s) german, english, spanish, portuguese (basic), french (basic)
Character History (optional)

not much history yet. just trying to get to learn the basics of the game. right now i have a level 20, a level 46, a level 50 something, and a level 135 toon. the lvl 20, 46 and 50 are all subject to change, cause i still am trying stuff out.

the 135 is my first character, which is really bad. but i like him and the journey we had together.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Central Europe
Version EU
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