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Character(s) Merrik - Primary Magic User SL 30, Xorik - Thief SL 9, Xion - Wanderer SL 8
Game Plan I try to complement the person I'm Co-oping with. For example: If you are charging forward and hitting something, and that thing is weak to magic, I'll cast at it until its dead. If you're a ranger and hang back the entire fight, I'll move up and attack with a scimatar or spear until it's dead. Note: Going to pure white at the moment… so I won't be invading you, and if you invade me… well not much I can do about that now can I?
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

So far maintaining an average of 20% S and 80% A in co-op. So send me a message with a location and I'll drop a soul mark as per your request. So far though, I have only cleared the first boss on the first two levels, and the second boss on the first.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Australia Central
Version US
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