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Character(s) BlueBlood Lvl-170 Dex Build Lvl-130iish MageBuild Lvl-140
Game Plan I just want to finish my platinum trophy, still missing soldier and faith trophy. After I got my platinum I was thinkin of redoing a blueblood player with anyone who wants to have fun and enjoy the game.
Language(s) French, english
Character History (optional)

BlueBlood was first build, it's not strong and need help. I still have load of fun with it.
DexBuild is for PVP and PVE, extremely powerful, well balanced and my all time favorite.
My mage is a DP dealer, build is great but not so PVP friendly, excellent to down boss in under 1 minute and farming

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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