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Character(s) Sl 127 PvE build Sl 75 mage will be 120 range soon
Game Plan Looking trade , up for co-op like to invade and fight as blue phantom IF U SUMMON ME DO NOT EXPECT ME TO GANG UP ON BP it'll be 1 on 1 or ill watch you die.
Character History (optional)

Currently need
+5 suckerstone weapon
+5 Mercury weapon
+5 Marrowstone weapon
+5 Moonlight = preferably a great sword if you have it
+5 Faintstone weapon
Insanity Catalyst- Only unique im missing all the rest are avialable for trade after i get it for trophy

I have
Sharp Uchigatana
Cresent Falchion
Dragon Bastard Sword
Quality Uhigatana
Crushing Guillotine Axe
Winged Spear +10
Purple Flame +5
Dark Heater +5

Also all rings are available as soon as i finish up getting foes ring

Please note the weapon upgrades are spread across my two characters so msg me for soul lvls for a particular item.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version EU
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