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Character(s) Cloud Strife - Level 38 royal atm
Game Plan Pure PVM character aim to level completely and collect everything simple as that
Language(s) english, minimal russian, minimal german
Character History (optional)

started 12/21/2010 had 2 previous characters but they have since been retired they were levels 78 and 104 but were faulty builds. This new character is being build pretty good thus far decent spells and moderate melee damage. Usually play offline as there are scrub pvprs who dont have the slightest clue what it actually takes to be a pvpr and im not just talken about DS. They get good gear and stay a low level so they have "easy" targets, thus y i play offline about 90% of the time unless there is a PWWT event like there is currently. as far as that if u need some help or just wanna team up and own some shit just shoot me a pm simple as that :)

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
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