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Character(s) SL104 Northern Regalia Knight(NG+), a SL84 Faith-Skilled Temple Knight(NG+) a SL62 Spellsword Magician(NG) and a 61 Light Weapon Build(NG)
Game Plan I need some help with some bosses (Man-Eater on NG+ with SL104 Char) and I can trade many Pure stone (with SL104 Char). I need 2 Chunk of Moonstone and a Moon Uchigata+5(with my Magician) and 7 Bladestone, 6 Chunk, 1 Pure (with my SL61 Char) Can help everybody just add me (write Demon's Souls Wiki) that I know who you are.
Language(s) English, German
Character History (optional)
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) GMT / UTC
Version US
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