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Character(s) S-lvl 444 Meat Cleaver Build
Game Plan Lets Co-Op Im online daily for 6 or 7 hours, send me a friend req with DS in the subject or on msg of AIM @ DaBeatSelecta. See character history for item list. Willing to do full invintory dumps for stone collections, etc.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

white bow +5
hiltless +5
tower shield +5
babies nail +5
adjudicator's shield +5
large sword of moonlight x2
blueblood sword
Northern Regalia
dragon bone smasher x2
meat cleaver

all rings except:
freinds ring
foes ring
ronins ring

dark silver armor full set + shield
brushwood armor full set + shield
gloom armor full set
ancient kings armor full set


hardstone shards x12
L hardstone shards x1
C hardstone x10
sharpstone shards x1
L sharpstone shards x4
C sharpstone x2
clearstone shards x30
C clearstone x5
greystone shards x12
bladestone shards x39
dragonstone shards x6
pure dragonstone x5
suckerstone shards x5
C suckerstone x2
pure suckerstone x1
mercurystone shards x25
C murcurystone x1
marrowstone shards x1
spiderstone shards x12
C spiderstone x6
pure spiderstone x5
moonlightstone shards x12
C moonlightstone x12
darkmoonstone shards x36
C darkmoonstone x12
faintstone shards x7
C faintstone x4
cloudstone shards x19
pure cloudstone x1
meltstone shards x5

secret dagger
rune sword
broken sword
bastard sword
great sword
crescent falchion +5
kilij +8
crescent uchigatana +5
sharp uchigatana +5
sharp uchigatana +2 x2
sticky compound longbow +5
epee rapier
crescent axe +3
hands of god
war scythe +5
morning start mace
blessed mace +1
gargoyle crossbow
penetrating sword
rune shield
steel shield
marion blade
Dark purple flame shield +4

all for dupe or trade, I will add more as I find it

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Eastern
Version US
rating: +3+x


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