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Character(s) Knight, Soul Level 141
Game Plan Trophies. I'm of course willing to help others do the same. All I need help with is the unique weapons and 7 of the +5 weapons. Please see my history for details of what I can help with.
Language(s) English
Character History (optional)

Ok, here's what I have that I can help with:
a +5 Clearstone item
a +5 Greystone item
a +5 Spiderstone item
a +5 Mercurystone item
a +5 Dragonstone item

I can also help with any rings you might need for the ring trophy. In addition to all rings, I have all unique weapons except for Blind, Bramd, Phospho Pole, Blueblood Sword, and Insanity Catalyst. I also have many excess ores I can part with, mostly Clearstone (shards, chunks, and pure), Greystone (shards and pure), Dragonstone (shards, chunks, and pure), and Spiderstone (shards, chunks, and pure).

OK, here's what I need help with:
-The previously mentioned unattained unique weapons (Blind, Bramd, Phospho Pole, Blueblood Sword, and Insanity Catalyst).

I also need…
a +5 Crescent item
a +5 Moon item
a +5 Tearing item
a +5 Dark item
a +5 Fatal item
a +5 Sharp item
a +5 Blessed item

If a single person can help me with everything listed here, I am willing to part with 2 colorless demon's souls as a thank for the extremely convenient help.

Just hit me up on PSN if you're interested. My ID is ZombieDarko.

Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) US Central
Version US
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