casting recovery
casting Recovery

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In Game Description

Miracle from a Primeval Demon's Soul
Greatly recovers the caster's HP.
In order to combat evil, God endowed mankind with special powers.

General Information

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Healing Miracle 60 n/a 2 Miracle Slots Saint Urbain 3x Colorless Demon's Soul


  • Recovers a large amount of HP
  • HP recovered scales with the FAITH stat
  • An upgrade to Heal
  • Must kill a Primeval Demon yourself before Urbain offers the miracle
    • Primeval Demon must also drop a Colorless Demon's Soul
    • Primeval Demon does not have to have been killed on the current playthrough
  • Casting speed the same as Heal spell

Healing Amount

Faith HP healed
44 1219
50 1464
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