Red Eye Knight
red eye knight

General Information

High-ranking knights of the Boletarian Army, these mighty soldiers are even deadlier than their Blue Eye counterpart.

They're almost exclusively armed with spear and shield, rarely with sword and shield, while with a Claymore only in one instance.

There are three types of Red Eye Knights:

Red Eye Knight (Spear and Shield)



World 1-1 & World 1-3
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
388 2070 168 168 168 168 75 107 75 75 100


World 1-1 & 1-3
Late Moon Grass x3 (80%)
New Moon Grass x1 (20%)
Winged Spear (0,9%)
Purple Flame Shield (1,8%)

Attack Patterns

  • Runs toward the player and ends performing a powerful thrust attack.
  • Executes a winding overhead thrust attack.
  • Performs a thrust attack while keeping his shield up.
  • Rush toward the player with his shield up, hitting multiple times in a row.
  • Bashes his shield to attempt to break the player's guard, damaging their stamina massively.

Red Eye Knight (Sword and Shield)



World 1-3
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
407 1460 168 168 168 168 75 107 75 75 100
World 1-4
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
594 2120 204 204 204 204 91 130 75 75 100


World 1-3 World 1-4
Full Moon Grass x2 (80%) Full Moon Grass x4 (80%)
New Moon Grass x1 (20%) New Moon Grass x2 (20%)
Knight Sword (1,8%) Knight Sword (1,8%)
Kite Shield (1,8%) Kite Shield (1,8%)
Ed's Grindstone x1 (2,3%) Ed's Grindstone x1 (2,3%)

Attack Patterns

  • Swings his sword diagonally from right to left, then back horizontally from left to right and concludes with a thrust attack.
  • Throws a thrust attack.
  • Perform a thrust attack while running toward the player.
  • Swing a heavy attack that deals massive damage to both health and stamina.
  • Bashes his shield to attempt to break the player's guard, damaging their stamina massively.

Red Eye Knight (Claymore)



World 1-3
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
434 1890 168 168 168 168 75 107 75 75 100
World 1-4
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
594 2120 204 204 204 204 91 130 75 75 100


World 1-3 World 1-4
Full Moon Grass x3 (80%) Full Moon Grass x6 (80%)
New Moon Grass x1 (20%) New Moon Grass x2 (20%)
Claymore (1,8%) Claymore (1,8%)

Attack Patterns

  • Runs toward the player ending with a quick slash.
  • Swings his sword diagonally and ends with a strong overhead smash.
  • Executes the overhead smash alone.
  • Performs an overhead smash while running toward the player.


1-1 Red Eye Knight (Shield and Spear)

These knights are a huge pain in the ass early in the game, and will easily kill you in 1 - 2 hits. The benefit of killing them is that they is worth 2500 - 3100 souls each kill. If you get good at it, this will help you increase attributes.

Start out by letting him charge you and retreat out through that room out by the trebuchets. This will provide you with two important things, one you can easily get him caught behind a trebuchet so you can heal if he gets a glancing hit on you, and two is if you die (which you probably will the first few times) is you can easily recover your souls. then let him hit you while blocking with your shield, if you have a heavy shield he will bounce back and be stunned momentarily, this is your chance to attack using a power R2 attack. ONLY ATTACK WHEN HE IS STUNNED OR USING GRASS.

They have one attack that no amount of blocking will help you with, when they raise their shield to shield bash you, back up, or else they will stun you, then skewer your ass. If you mess up during this fight even once you will probably fail. If your,e brave, you can try to Parry this attack though, since it has that nice slow wind-up. A Riposte critical can be one of the quickest ways to kill him.

If you happen to be a magic user though, you can keep spamming Soul Arrow and backing up. Two shots will break there guard, and the third will usually deal about 180 damage. Repeat this about three times, and even a Soul Level 1 Royal can defeat him.

These enemies also blocks the way to the Royal Boletaria Mausoleum where Old King Doran resides. If you manage to beat him you will obtain a handful of rare items and some VERY good light armor. Keep in mind that he is very powerful and should be deal with later on in your game.

Soul Remains Strategy

First you must acquire Soul Remains (which can easily be found in 4-1)
Then all you need to do is lure him into an area you find suitable, throw the soul remains, and go around behind him and deal a crushing stab through the back. There you go, a dead Red Eye Knight!
If you are a mage, you can also use a spell while he is distracted by the Soul Remains. Soul Arrow or Flame Toss works great.

Fatal Fall Strategy

First of all, you need to operate the lever at the bottom of the stairwell, where you find the Cling Ring, and open the gate.

Starting from the base of the stairwell, clear all the fire wielding dreglings within the stairwell. Near the top of the stairwell is 2 fire barrels, DO NOT smash them! Simply walk past them. Next, clear all the soldiers among the trebuchets, from the stairwell all the way to the room just before the Red Eye Knight.

Move towards him and lure him to run after you. You should be running faster than him, so be sure to slow down once in a while to wait for him to catch up.
Lure him all the way to the 2 fire barrels. Carefully walk pass the 2 barrels, move on to the right. Now, turn back and block with your shield facing the narrow gap.


The Red Eye Knight will attempt to walk pass the 2 barrels or attempt to attack you.
There are a few things that may happen:

  1. He will lose his footing and fall to his death. You earn 2000+ souls and collect his loot below.
  2. He will charge you and fall to his death.
  3. He will walk past the barrel and chase after you but fall to the bottom of the stair well but still be alive. If this is the case, wait for him to exit the stair well and enter the room just pass the archer. Go down and lure him into the pit with the floating souls just in front of the archer. You will get 2000+ souls but no loot.

If you don't want to trust your luck in the knight losing his footing (option 3 above will take a while to execute, and costs you loot to boot), you can help him with a little nudge. This requires you to wield a weapon such as a straight sword that has the forward+R1 push attack (you don't even need to meet its strength requirements). A nice shield would also be helpful, though you could make do without. Lure the knight out into the stairwell where there is no railing, roll around him towards the wall when he attempts to strike, then give him a friendly nudge or two to send him screaming to his death. This tactic is especially gratifying.

You can also just lure him to this stairwell and run downstairs. Most of the time he'll just fall and die.

Camp Fire Strategy

The Red Eye Knight can be very easily killed by a fresh character with a tiny bit of work. This is also an Effective farming strategy if you are low soul level.

  1. Clear all slaves and soldiers following the basic path up the stairs to the left, past the pit trap and on the catapult parapats to where he spawns. For low soul level farming, you can first kill the two blue knights that are relatively near each-other before killing the Red Eye Knight in the first "Fog" area of 1-1.
  2. Alert the Red Eye Knight and lure him all the way down to the beginning of 1-1 (where the slaves are that ambush you from behind the wooden things) There are small camp fires littered around the area.
  3. Important! Do not lock onto the Red Eye Knight in this area as it is open and he can charge you very easily if you constantly strafe with him. Just roll around in free camera mode to avoid is attacks. Position yourself on one side of a Campfire with a clear path for him to charge you. When he charges, he'll take around 200 damage from passing over the camp fire, and will often get stuck in the fire because it will stagger him. He will die in two hits from the fire, so guaranteed loot unlike luring him off a cliff.

Thief's Ring / Backstab Strategy

  1. Equip the Thief's Ring and get the Red Knights attention, immediately run away WITHOUT SPRINTING. If you sprint too soon, the red knight will not pursue.
  2. After about 5 seconds of RUNNING, SPRINT and turn the corner onto the battlement with trebuchets. At this point, sprinting causes him to give up the chase and turn around to return to his post.
  3. When you no longer hear him chasing you (the footsteps) or you look back and see him no longer chasing you, sneak up behind him. (This may involve sprinting to catch up to him, however, if you sprint to close to him, he will detect you. In which case, return to step 1)
  4. Use a critical attack, (to do this get very close (behind him) and press R1)
  5. Run away and repeat
  6. Wielding your weapon with two hands makes this go faster
  7. If you're daring, after the critical attack, you may be able to fit one or two blows in before returning to step one. This can speed the process considerably.

Shield Block / Backstab Strategy

With 100 physical reduction shield you can easily get close up, you can circle them counterclockwise and wait for them to do a strong attack or a shield bash, near the finishing moments of their attack you can be well behind them for a back-stab, however, you should wait till they are almost fully recovered from their attack or they will be back-stab immune. When they fall on their face they will get up and turn towards your previous direction, in this instance you can circle around them as they get up and chain back-stabs till they are dead.

Thief's Ring / Soul Arrow Strategy

This is cheap and probably takes longer but is brain dead easy, especially if you start as a Royal.
Equip the Thief's Ring. Clear out all enemies in the immediate vicinity. Carefully advance to where you can just lock on the the knight. Cast Soul Arrow once and immediately either (a) roll backward and sprint away or (b) break lock on and sprint away. You usually only need to get just beyond the doorway but it's best to go completely through the room back to where you killed the last crossbowman and spearmen to be safe. Once you get far enough away he will turn and walk back to his spawn point. Rinse and repeat.
Note that other classes can purchase the spell Soul Arrow from Freke's Apprentice in the Nexus for 1000 souls, but will need to beat 1-1 first.

Theif's Ring/Ranged Strategy

This is similar to the Soul Arrow Strategy above, but it is accomplished using a bow. You can find a compound short bow in one of the towers on the bridge of 1-2, so you obviously need to beat 1-1 first. Or, if you feel brave, you can find a slightly more powerful compound long bow in 4-1, near one of the silver skeleton archers near the Vanguard. Stock up on arrows (about 50 should do, just to be extra-safe) and head to the Red Eye Knight's area. Kill all of the spearmen and crossbowmen in front of the entrance, and then head into the room. STAY IN THE DOORWAY that faces the Red Eye Knight and DON'T MOVE, backwards or forwards. Fire an arrow at him (aim for the head if you're confident in your shooting skills) and wait. He'll run halfway down the bridge, stop and head back. Wait until he reaches his original position until firing again, otherwise he'll run at you. Once you have him down to pretty low health, you can shoot him in the back as he's walking back (this does more damage.) If he's still not finished after that, you can just (very carefully) finish him off with a melee weapon.

Thief's Ring / Flame Toss Strategy

Simply have a full mana bar, and approach him until you can lock on. Cast Flame Toss, and repeat ad infinitum. Three hits will stagger the knight, and even if he has his shield raised he stops when hit with the spell. This is technically possible without the Thief's Ring, but he may charge you before you can get a lock on him.

Melee Strategy

Starting at about level 25, equip a large shield, and a Dragon Long Sword +1 (found in 2-2), or a sword buffed with Turpentine, and a few grasses to heal yourself. When you get to the bridge before the knight, pull up your shield. it costs no stamina to hold up and it doesn't slow your running. Charge straight at the knight and lock onto him as soon as possible. Once your across the bridge and it opens up a little, strife right and let the spinning begin. this entire time you MUST keep your shield up or you'll find yourself on the end of his lance. While circling, get in as close as you possible can and keep circling. At the same time, rotate the camera so its trying to stay behind you, this will allow you to spin faster. If you do not rotate the camera, his shield bashes and attacks will hit your shield every time. This takes a little getting used to, but can result in a 15 seconds red eye fight. If done correctly, he will swing his weapon/shield at you and miss. This is your opportunity to attack. While he's attacking, hit him in the back once, or twice if you wanna risk it. The added fire damage from the dragon long sword or turpentine helps dramatically. Continue circling and attacking, and it becomes an easy way to farm souls, and you wont feel cheap for exploiting a glitch.

Catapult Trap Strategy

Get the knight to start charging you and immediately turn around and run behind the second catapult from the doorway. Stay on the right (exposed) side of the catapult and lock on to the knight as soon as he approaches. The knight will lunge at you on the right side continuously but will be unable to reach you, while he's busy trying to lance the catapult, you are free to spam him with whatever spells or ranged attacks you've brought. He may try to chase you around the catapult, but just run around it till he lunges at you from across the exposed side. Never directly touch the catapult when he lunges across it or you may end up skewered. The beauty of this technique is that it can be performed with any class, at any level, assuming you have a ranged spell or weapon.


1-3 Strategy

You can make easy work of all Red Eye Knights on this stage by luring them towards the flaming boulder that lies near the water at the bottom of a short flight of stairs near the beginning of the area. They will run into the boulder causing around 380 damage taking them down to very little health. It was also leave them open for attack and one or two strikes of your blade should finish them off. Be careful though as you will be dealt a similar amount of damage should you touch the boulder.

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