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In Game Description

Miracle from the Demon Adjudicator's Soul
Recovers the user's HP a little at a time.
This miracle is a countersign against the pagan Adjudicator, who devours humans.

General Information

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Healing Buff Miracle 40 100 seconds 1 Miracle Slot Saint Urbain Swollen Demon's Soul


  • Regenerates HP over time
  • Stacks with the following:
  • HP regeneration rate is 1% of the character's maximum HP per second (it's actually 1% of whole 100's of HP for 100 seconds, so 1799 HP gives 17HP/s x 100 = 1700 HP)
  • This miracle is referred to as "Slow Recovery" in the Asian versions of the game
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