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In-Game Description

Spell from the Demon Maiden Astraea's Soul
Fully recover another by touching them.
Though Astraea is the most impure demon of all, her works are equal to those of devine [sic] beings.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Healing Spell 10 n/a 1 Magic Slot Yuria, the Witch Pureblood Demon's Soul


  • Fully recovers a touched ally's HP and removes any status effects.
  • Does not heal the caster.
  • Casting animation looks exactly like Soulsucker.

Online Etiquette

This spell is not always welcomed by Blue Phantoms. This has nothing to do with the inherent limitations of this spell, but more to do with the Blue Phantom's play style. Those utilizing "Hyper Mode" may desire low HP. This mode is achieved by equipping Morion Blade and Clever Rat's Ring while maintaining a HP level below 30%. As such, refilling their HP bar with Relief ruins the "Dying ATK Up" effect, coming much to the Blue Phantom's dismay and/or annoyance.

Like Resurrection, the idea is a noble one, but flawed; especially since it is highly unlikely you will ever succeed in casting this spell in time to save a beleaguered Blue Phantom.

Biorr Strategy versus the Rune Sword Black Phantom

This spell can be used to heal Biorr after blue dragon fight in 1-4 to use Biorr against the Rune Sword Black Phantom. (unconfirmed)

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