casting ressurection

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In Game Description

Miracle from the Demon Maiden Astraea's Soul
Returns any Phantom near the caster back to their own world, granting them their living body.
This miracle is a countersign of the corrupted former Sixth Saint Astraea.

General Information

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Resurrection Miracle 50 n/a 1 Miracle Slot Saint Urbain Pureblood Demon's Soul


  • "Revives" nearby Blue Phantoms
  • Blue Phantoms revived in this way are immediately kicked out of the casters' (hosts') worlds, and are back in body form in their own worlds.

Online Etiquette

This Miracle is a noble idea indeed. However, Blue Phantoms rarely join your world primarily to get their body back. Blue Phantoms typically offer to be summoned in order to adventure cooperatively with the host, or even to kill Black Phantom invaders. Hence, casting the Miracle of Resurrection is often considered an annoyance as it wastes the Blue Phantom's time, maybe even causing you to be rated poorly for your efforts. Unless you have some way to communicate with the Blue Phantom, this powerful Miracle is best left alone.

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