You cannot equip two of the same ring

There are 26 rings in total

Note: obtaining the Dull Rat's Ring from Lord Rydell in 3-1 unlocks the door to the second floor of the Tower of Latria.

Image Name Use Availability Special Notes
cats_ring.jpg Cat's Ring Nullifies falling damage 5-2: Left side of first fog gate, among islands patrolled by Cleaver Black Phantom
Nexus: Sold by Patches for 40,000 souls
Fatal falls remain lethal, but all other falling damage is nullified
clever_rats_ring.jpg Clever Rat's Ring When HP is <30%, increases attack power by 50% 3-1: Accessible after turning off the ballista machine Works with spells, bow, etc
Stacks with Morion Blade
cling_ring.jpg Cling Ring Increases your Max HP in Soul Form by 40% 1-1: Between the double portcullis at bottom of tower stairwell past the first encountered Blue Eye Knight Your Max HP in Soul Form differs with Character Tendency and World Tendency
See Cling Ring for details
dull_rats_ring.jpg Dull Rat's Ring When HP is <30%, increases defense by 50% 3-1: Rescue Lord Rydell Obtaining the Dull Rat's Ring from Lord Rydell in 3-1 unlocks the door to the second floor of the Tower of Latria.
eternal_warrior_ring.jpg Eternal Warrior's Ring Increases stamina regeneration speed 1-1: Dropped by Old King Doran Increases Stamina recovery by 12 stamina per second
foes_ring.jpg Foe's Ring Increases all damage by 20% as Black Phantom Nexus: Mephistopheles quest reward
fragrant_ring.jpg Fragrant Ring Recovers MP over time at 1mp/4secs 3-2: Swamp area, close to Primeval Demon location
4-1: Give Brass Telescope to Sparkly the Crow
Nexus: Sold by Patches for 60,000 souls
Stacks with Crescent weaponry (darkmoonstone) and Phosphorescent Pole
friends_ring.jpg Friend's Ring Increases all damage by 20% as Blue Phantom Nexus: Speak to The Monumental when character tendency is pure white (must have answered "Yes" to his request during the first encounter)
grave_robbers_ring.jpg Graverobber's Ring Becomes harder for Black Phantoms to detect 4-1: Climb stairs and follow path around in open room at ground level just before boss
Dropped by Graverobber Blige
Aura-producing buffs will let other players see you though, such as MP regen
masters_ring.jpg Master's Ring Increases Sweet Spot damage by 15%, decreases damage for all other attacks 1-1: Body Form Miralda drop (white world tendency)
2-3: Follow top path back from second ballista to the dead end
Sweet Spot damage works for weapons that mention swinging carefully for a direct hit, e.g. axes and maces
regenerators_ring.jpg Regenerator's Ring Recovers HP over time at 4hp/sec 4-1: Give Jade Hair Ornament to Sparkly the Crow
4-1: Along far path with last crystal lizard before the boss
5-2: Turn right and hug the wall as you first enter the Poison Swamp, past the Mirdan Hammer in the alcove
Stacks with Blessed weaponry (faintstone), Adjudicator's Shield and Regeneration spell
ring_of_avarice.jpg Ring of Avarice 20% More soul points from enemies. 3-1: Sold by Mistress for 50,000 souls
3-2: Bottom of the boss tower after the heart is dropped
Stacks with Silver Bracelet and Thirst spell
ring_of_devout_prayer.jpg Ring of Devout Prayer +1 miracle slot 4-1: Give Large Sword Of Moonlight to Sparkly the Crow
5-2: Selen Vinland quest (requires Pure White World Tendency)
5-2: Body Form Selen Vinland drop
Dropped by Saint Urbain
Note that one of your miracles will be deactivated if you remove the ring when at capacity
ring_of_disease_resistance.jpg Ring of Disease Resistance Multiplies base Plague Res. by 4
(not including armor)
2-2: Scaffolding opposite Scirvir, The Wanderer
3-2: At Primeval Demon location
Stacks with Istarelle and Bramd
ring_of_flame_resistance.jpg Ring of Flame Resistance FireDef +40 1-1: Outdoor in the dragons nest
2-2: Gift from Patches, the Hyena if you defeat his trap
Stacks with Dragon Bone Smasher and Water Veil spell
ring_of_gash_resistance.jpg Ring of Gash Resistance Multiplies Bleeding Res. by 4 1-2: Found on a corpse in the tunnel under the bridge
4-2: Speak to Patches, the Hyena after Saint Urbain rescue
ring_of_great_strength.jpg Ring of Great Strength Increases equip weight by 50% 1-1: Under the dragon's sweeping tail
Dropped by Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
ring_of_herculean_strength.jpg Ring of Herculean Strength Increases load weight by 50% Nexus: Give Jade Hair Ornament to Stockpile Thomas
Nexus: Dropped by Stockpile Thomas (If you kill him, you cannot deposit items or access your stored items until the next game cycle)
Cannot remove ring if this causes your load to go over your natural total
ring_of_magical_dullness.jpg Ring Of Magical Dullness Magic Defence +20%
Magic Power -40%
5-1: On last platform, at the end of first shortcut
4-1: Give Phosphorescent Pole to Sparkly the Crow
Stacks with Dark Silver Shield, Rune Sword, Rune Shield
ring_of_magical_nature.jpg Ring Of Magical Nature +1 magic slot 1-3: Yuria the Witch's tower
Dropped by Yuria, the Witch
Note that one of your spells will be deactivated if you remove the ring when at capacity
ring_of_magical_sharpness.jpg Ring Of Magical Sharpness Magic Power +20%
Magic Defence -30%
3-1: In the room with 4 iron maidens before you descend stairs
Dropped by Sage Freke, the Visionary
Stacks with Kris Blade, Monk's Head Collar
ring_of_poison_resistance.jpg Ring of Poison Resistance Multiplies base Poison Res. by 4
(not including armor)
1-1: In Miralda's area, on stairs
2-1: Hidden area in lava pit
Stacks with Istarelle and Bramd
ring_of_sincere_prayer.jpg Ring of Sincere Prayer Increases miracle power by 50%
Slightly increases miracle casting time
5-3: Maiden Astraea Archstone Useful when casting God's Wrath
ring_of_the_accursed.jpg Ring of the Accursed Wielder becomes enemies' top attack priority 1-3: Yuria the Witch's tower
Nexus: Dropped by Mephistopheles
Useful in co-op or the 1-3 boss fight with Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
ronins_ring.jpg Ronin's Ring Reduces the rate of weapon attrition 4-2: Slug cave area
2-2: Body Form Scirvir, The Wanderer drop
Great for farming storm beasts in 4-3 with the stormruler sword
thiefs_ring.jpg Thief's Ring Becomes harder for enemies to detect 1-1: Platform behind Ostrava, of Boletaria
5-2: Island beside Selen's location
Dropped by Patches, the Hyena
Reduces Guard Break Reduction (Bug?)
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