Rock Worm
Rock Worm

General Information

Item Value
Location Stonefang Tunnel: 2-2
Description Fire spitting close range turret worm
Souls1 Pure White: 165 Neutral: 165 Pure Black: 248
HP2 Pure White: 320 Neutral: 353 Pure Black: ??
Attack Melee Physical
Special Attack Fire Spit Spits a pool of fire damage
The pool lasts on the ground ~5 seconds
Weak to Magic attacks
Attacks which hit the 'head'

Attack Patterns

  • Pulls its head back and lunges its head forward, biting the player
  • Swings its body in a horizontal circle
  • Spits a pool of fiery liquid
  • Rock Worms guarding the pair of Hands of God: These only spray fiery liquid upwards, dealing fire damage in a sizeable circle around it


These guys lurk underground until you approach. Then they burst forth and begin to spit vile stuff on you. Semi-dangerous for melee guys, especially the larger ones that spit up a 360 degree fountain, they are pitifully easy for ranged guys. Use target lock and flick the right analog stick until you target their mouth. Fire an arrow or spell (soul light for massive damage) into their mouth directly and they should die in one hit, and give you bonus soul for a one-hit kill. A good time is when they first spit at you, since their mouth is stationary for a moment. Remember they are extremely weak to magic attacks, so even though their defense is strong, even just a few body slashes with a magic damage-dealing weapon will do them in.

If you happen to have a Greatsword of some kind, it's strong vertical slash throws a direct hit to their mouth!

Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Shard of Greystone
Chunk of Greystone (rare)
Pure Greystone (very rare)
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