Royal Lotus
royal lotus consumed


In-Game Descripton

The petal of a crimson flower that floats on water. Removes poison from the user's body.

This flower became famous as an ornament of nobility because of its beauty.

Weight: 0.1


cures poison status effect


location cost amount comment
1-2 treasure 3 on the platform overlooking the Tower Knight boss fog
3-1 400 unlimited buy from the Once Royal Mistress
5-1 800 unlimited buy from the Filthy Woman
5-1 treasure 4 under the walkway beside the first Archstone
5-2 treasure 3 on the left just after the first fog gate
5-2 800 unlimited buy from the Filthy Woman
5-2 drop n dropped by Poison Jelly
5-2 treasure 3 just after meeting the first enemy, on a small ledge
5-2 treasure 3 on the far side of the island that is near to the first fog gate
5-2 treasure 6 on the path before the island with two giants and a shaman
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