Second Chance
casting second chance
casting Second Chance

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In Game Description

Miracle from the Demon Old Hero's Soul
Revives the user from death once only.
This miracle is a countersign against the pagans who worship death and the dead.

General Information

Miracle Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Buff Miracle 100 Until death, profile load, game quit, world stage load 2 Miracle Slots Saint Urbain Hero Demon's Soul


  • Revives caster back to 50% HP if they die while the spell is in effect.
  • Does not work if the caster falls to their death. (Note however that if a fall within your 'safe' threshold [a fall that will only remove health, not kill you instantly] removes the last of your health, you will be revived)
  • There is no window of "invincibility". So if you're hit with a second fatal attack immediately after expending the Miracle's effects, you will still die.
  • Once you have been revived by Second Chance, you can recast it. You are not limited to cast the miracle only once per world load.
  • This miracle is referred to as "One Time Revival" in the Asian versions of the game.
    This translates as "一度きりの復活" (ichido kiri no fukkatsu) in the Japanese version of the game.
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