Shard of Archstone


In-Game Descripton

A shard scraped off of the Archstones that are scattered about in each area.
Sends the user back to the Nexus.

The Archstones that the Monumental entrusted to the elders have been forgotten, and are now left for the mice to gnaw at.

Weight: 0.3


When used, sends the user back to the Nexus with collected souls. The effect is identical to using the Evacuate Miracle


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 5000 unlimited Sold by Patches, the Hyena
1-1 treasure 2 On the lower ledge near to the dragons
3-2 treasure 1 On the platform where Yurt resides
5-1 drop 1-2 Dropped by Rats
4-1 treasure 5 trade one Shard of Faintstone to Sparkly the Crow
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