Phosphorescent Slug
Phosphorescent Slug

General Information

Item Value
Location Shrine of Storms: 4-2
Valley of Defilement: 5-2
Description Phosphorescent slug
Souls1 White: ?? Neutral: 39-239 Black: ??
HP2 White: ?? Neutral: 270-312 Black: ??
Attack Melee Physical
Attack Spit Poison
Special Attack Jump Lunging physical
Weak to All damage types

Attack Patterns

  • Lunging forward strike
  • Acid spray


These guys are pretty easy to kill, just don't let them gang up on you. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the sluggy masses falling from their nest in 5-2, like if you get stuck at the wall where the item is, reload the game. Only the slugs that were on the island originally will be there, so just run on past or take some sluggy vengeance. Hey, they're fun to kill!

Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Sticky White Stuff (only in 4-2)
Shard of Suckerstone
Chunk of Suckerstone (rare)
Pure Suckerstone (very rare)

Note: one slug located directly across from the Slug Nest on an island by itself, drops a set of Dull Gold Armor.

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